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Gulf warehousing Company - (GWCS)

GWC is the leading provider of logistics and supply chain solutions in the State of Qatar. Established as a Qatari public shareholding company in 2004; the company offers high-quality warehousing and distribution services, hazmat logistics, freight forwarding, project logistics, sports and event logistics, equestrian logistics, fine art logistics, supply chain consulting, transportation management, records management, and door-to-door moving and relocation services. GWC delivers this by understanding the clients’ needs and by leveraging a global shipping network through Agility. Being a trendsetter, and raising the bar for the industry standards and practices, GWC has become the Authorized Service Contractor (ASC) for UPS in the State of Qatar since 2015. The company is backed by a team of committed and innovative experts in the field and supported by state-of-the-art IT systems and logistical infrastructure. To get GWC news and updates, please follow us on YouTube and Social Media @gwclogistics
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Corporate Governance

Gulf warehousing Company - (GWCS)


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N/A : Not Applicable
  2021 2020 2019 2018

Does the company publish and follow an environmental policy? Yes/No

Yes Yes Yes  

Energy used (GJ/employee) Annual total direct energy consumption per employee

129.30 149.41    

Specify the primary source of energy used by the company

Electricity Electricity Electricity

Total amount of energy used (GJ)

468,720 448,970    

Total greenhouse gas emissions (tonnes)

93,635 84,685    

Total waste produced (kg)

1,162,495 1,335,220 1,244,070  

Total water use (m3)

1,047,164 1,233,157    

Average hours of training per employee

10.12 6.08 12.08  

Disclosure and adherence to a Human Rights Policy? Yes/No

Yes Yes Yes  

Does the company prohibit the use of child or forced labor throughout the supply chain? Yes/No

Yes Yes Yes  

Does the company publish and follow a policy for occupational and global health issues? Yes/No

Yes Yes Yes  

Employee turnover rate (%)

8 13 10  

Employee wages & benefits

76 70 70  

Nationalisation rate (%)

7.03 7.31 6.06  

Number of grievances about human rights issues filed, addressed and resolved

0 0 0  

Pre-tax profits invested in the community (%)

2.50 2.50 2.50  

Spending on locally-based suppliers (%)

89 95 91  

Total number of injuries and fatal accidents (contractors)

0 0 0  

Total number of injuries and fatal accidents (employees and contractors)

9 9 12  

Total number of injuries and fatal accidents (employees)

9 9 12  

Total workforce (FTE)

3,625 3,005 2,893  

Women in the workforce (%)

5.05 5.52 5.40  
Corporate Governance

CEO pay ratio


Disclosure of the voting results of the latest AGM. Yes/No

Yes Yes Yes  

Does the company publish and follow a Bribery/Anti-Corruption Code? Yes/No

Yes Yes Yes  

Does the company publish and follow an Ethics Code of Conduct? Yes/No

Yes Yes Yes  

Executive compensation linked to performance indicators. Yes/No

Yes Yes Yes  

Female directors on the board (%)

11 11 11  

Independent directors on the board (%)

33 33 33  

Median male salary to median female salary

0.25 0.29 0.29  

Role separation of Chairman and CEO. Yes/No

Yes Yes Yes  

Sustainability report published. Yes/No

No No No