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Estithmar Holding

Investment Holding Group Q.P.S.C. (IHG) was founded in 2008 as a Limited Liability Company and has converted its legal status to a Qatari Public Shareholding Company with its shares publicly traded on the Qatari Stock Exchange since 2017. IHG is one of the leading conglomerates in Qatar managing its portfolio companies that are operating in compliance with Islamic Sharia. IHG’s current subsidiary companies are specialized in: construction and contracting, specialized contracting (mechanical, electrical and plumbing), supply of building materials, safety equipment, wooden products, fire-fighting systems, and other related materials, in addition to food, chemicals, consumable supplies and real estate. Since its foundation and throughout the years, IHG has always held majority stakes in all subsidiaries; thus, exercised control over the subsidiaries. The Group strives to further acquire significant stakes in companies operating in less-cyclical industries and diversify its portfolio to include a variety of sectors, including: manufacturing, education, healthcare, trading, hospitality and significantly increase its real estate portfolio. IHG considers minimizing the environmental impact of its work as a top priority as it seeks to improve the quality of life for everyone, now and in the future. The Group therefore endeavors to promote sustainable development by conserving energy, materials, and resources. Moreover, the Group takes active measures to ensure its activities are conducted in an environmentally conscious manner, and to incorporate the relevant environmental safety precautions.
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Does the company publish and follow an environmental policy? Yes/No


Energy used (GJ/employee) Annual total direct energy consumption per employee


Specify the primary source of energy used by the company


Total amount of energy used (GJ)


Total greenhouse gas emissions (tonnes)


Total waste produced (kg)


Total water use (m3)


Average hours of training per employee


Disclosure and adherence to a Human Rights Policy? Yes/No


Does the company prohibit the use of child or forced labor throughout the supply chain? Yes/No


Does the company publish and follow a policy for occupational and global health issues? Yes/No


Employee turnover rate (%)


Employee wages & benefits


Nationalisation rate (%)


Number of grievances about human rights issues filed, addressed and resolved


Pre-tax profits invested in the community (%)


Spending on locally-based suppliers (%)


Total number of injuries and fatal accidents (contractors)


Total number of injuries and fatal accidents (employees and contractors)


Total number of injuries and fatal accidents (employees)


Total workforce (FTE)


Women in the workforce (%)

Corporate Governance

CEO pay ratio


Disclosure of the voting results of the latest AGM. Yes/No


Does the company publish and follow a Bribery/Anti-Corruption Code? Yes/No


Does the company publish and follow an Ethics Code of Conduct? Yes/No


Executive compensation linked to performance indicators. Yes/No


Female directors on the board (%)


Independent directors on the board (%)


Median male salary to median female salary


Role separation of Chairman and CEO. Yes/No


Sustainability report published. Yes/No