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Ooredoo Q.S.C., together with its subsidiaries, provides fixed and mobile telecommunications services. It operates in six segments: Ooredoo Qatar, Asiacell, Wataniya, Indosat, Ooredoo Oman, and Others. The company offers domestic and international telecommunication services in Qatar; mobile telecommunication services in Iraq; and mobile telephone and pager systems and services in Kuwait, and the other parts of the Middle East and North African region. It also provides telecommunication services, such as cellular services, fixed telecommunications, multimedia, data communication, and Internet services in Indonesia; and mobile and fixed telecommunication services in Oman. The company was formerly known as Qatar Telecom (Qtel) Q.S.C. and changed its name to Ooredoo Q.S.C. in June 2013. Ooredoo Q.S.C. was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Doha, Qatar.
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Corporate Governance



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  2023 2022 2021 2020

Does the company publish and follow an environmental policy? Yes/No

  Yes Yes Yes

Energy used (GJ/employee) Annual total direct energy consumption per employee

  792 733 727.26

Specify the primary source of energy used by the company

  Electricity Electricity Electricity

Total amount of energy used (GJ)

  929,588 886,828 912,718

اجمالي انبعاثات الغازات الدفيئة (طن)

  98,076 95,447 110,670

اجمالي النفايات المنتجة (كغ)

  91 71.50 73.56

Total water use (m3)

  106,905 86,559 90,691

متوسط ساعات التدريب لكل موظف

  11 3 3.90

Disclosure and adherence to a Human Rights Policy? Yes/No

  Yes Yes Yes

Does the company prohibit the use of child or forced labor throughout the supply chain? Yes/No

  Yes Yes Yes

السياسة على الصحة والسلامة (الموظفين والمتعاقدين)

  Yes Yes Yes

معدل دوران الموظفين

  6 2.90 5

أجورو فوائد الموظفين

  261.20 237.90 238

نسبة التأميم (%)

  43 43.50 42.11

Number of grievances about human rights issues filed, addressed and resolved

  19 8 8

نسبة الارباح المستثمرة في المجتمع قبل الضريبة (%)

  8 2.60 4

نسبة المشتريات من الموردين المحليين (%)

  2 0.55 0.54

Total number of injuries and fatal accidents (contractors)

  2 0 1

Total number of injuries and fatal accidents (employees and contractors)

  2 0 1

Total number of injuries and fatal accidents (employees)

  0 0 0

إجمالي القوى العاملة

  1,175 1,210 1,255

نسبة النساء في القوى العاملة

  25 24.50 24.80
Corporate Governance

CEO pay ratio

  18.43 18.58 18.81

Disclosure of the voting results of the latest AGM. Yes/No

  Yes Yes Yes

سياسة على الرشوة والفساد

  Yes Yes Yes

Does the company publish and follow an Ethics Code of Conduct? Yes/No

  Yes Yes Yes

مكافآت للمدراء التنفيذيين المترابطة بمؤشرات الاداء

  Yes Yes Yes

نسبة النساء ضمن مجلس الادارة

  0 0 0

نسبة المدراء المستقلين ضمن مجلس الادارة

  0.40 0.40 0.40

Median male salary to median female salary

  0.90 1.02 1.03

فصل منصبي رئيس مجلس الادارة والمدير التنفيذي

  Yes Yes Yes

نشر تقرير الاستدامة او تقرير المسؤولية الاجتماعية للشركة

  Yes Yes Yes